Morrash Enxir Edit

Description: A tall battle-scarred Dragonborn, his red scales have dulled over years of combat and he has a massive scar across his chest. He's crude and boorish, often resorting to violence as his first (and last) means of solving problems, but he usually means well. He wields a large two-handed Greatsword that was his father's, passed down through generations of his clan.

Milestone XP: 0

High Concept: Red Dragonborn Swordsman

Trouble: Hit First, Think Later

Free Aspect: My Father's Heirloom Sword

  • Good (+3): Fight
  • Fair (+2): Notice, Physique
  • Average (+1): Rapport, Athletics, Will


  • Breath Attack: Once per scene, I can exhale a blast of destructive flames from my mouth. Can be used to attack everyone in my zone using Physique and they must defend using Athletics to jump out of the way in time.


  • Physical: [] [] [] []
  • Mental: [] []


  • Mild:
  • Moderate:
  • Severe:</p>Refresh: 3</p>