Gail Brightwind Edit

Milestone XP: 0

Description: A slender elf with shimmering green eyes, Gail has a penchant for poking her nose where she shouldn't, a manner rather unbecoming of an elven lady. She's not very familiar with the outside world, but her skills with a rifle are second-to-none and her upbringing has instilled within her a deep understanding of the woods.

High ConceptPlucky Elven Sharpshooter

TroubleWhere's The Fun In That?

Free Aspect: Innocently Insensitive

  • Good (+3): Shoot
  • Fair (+2): Athletics, Notice
  • Average (+1) Survival, Resources, Empathy


  • Bullseye: When I make a ranged attack and invoke an aspect representing careful aim, my attack gets Weapon:2.