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This is a repository for the West Marches campaign, Explorers of Celania.


You are an aspiring adventurer in the city of Fidem, ready to set out to explore the vast wilderness of Celania. Fidem is the edge of civilization, the large walls built to protect against the dangers of the West Marches.

The town is flourishing and peaceful but there it is rumoured that treasure is to be found for those willing to brave the deadly wilds. Whether it’s for the betterment of society, wealth, adventure or some hidden selfish reason, you have joined a loose band of like-minded folks bent on lifting the veil of mystery all around you.

Setting Edit

Fidem is a near future pulp fiction setting with fantasy races splashed in. Think Dungeons & Dragons mixed with some Mad Max and Indiana Jones.

Fair warning, the West Marches are dangerous uncharted territory. Poor planning and inadequate provisioning coupled with overconfidence and foolhardiness will more often than not lead to your demise.

Death is also more often than not final. Resurrection is next to impossible and nobody in the greater world has any idea how to bring the dead back to life.

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These pages are for new players to understand the basics and get started.

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