When you encounter monsters, their card is always blank except for their names/visible aspects and their Skill ranks which tells you the SR of the encounter.

A Skill Rating (SR) determines the number of points the monster has to fill out their skill pyramid. For example, an SR3 encounter might have 1 Fair (+2) and 2 Average (+1) Skills or a single Good (+3) Skill. While monsters must still obey skill columns, their lowest skill doesn't have to start at Mediocre (+0).

The sole caveat is that the monsters will always have the same skills, just at different values since any monster can potentially appear at any given SR. Their aspects, however, may change from encounter to encounter.

Example: A Poorly Armed Kobold raiding party might have Unusually Good Weapons the next time you encounter them. However, they'll always have the same three Skills: Crafts, Stealth, Deceive, just at different ranks.

Monsters can have stunts too. Usually they have at most 3 different stunts, but can only have one of them per encounter.

The Grand Plains Edit

The massive plains right outside of Fidem. It looks peaceful from afar, but it's a lawless dangerous place to travel through.

  • Kobolds
    • Skills
      • Crafts, Stealth, Deceive
    • Stunts
      • Natural Trapmakers: Gains +2 when Creating Advantages using Crafts to make traps.
      • Grovel: They can use Deceive to attack instead of Fight after tricking someone into thinking they've surrendered.

Vol's Glade Edit

A small glade of trees beyond the Grand Plains. It's around 2 days away from Fidem to the Northeast.

Hope's Forest Edit

A large dark forest Southeast of Fidem. It's around 2 days away from Fidem.

Old Fidem Edit

Ancient ruins of where Fidem originally stood. It's around 2 days away to the North of Fidem.

Wyrm's Tail Edit

A valley between Hope's Forest and Vol's Glade, leading to the Eastern peak of Wyrm's Wings. It's around 3 days away to the Northeast.

Wyrm's Pass Edit

A trail of forests that goes through the canyon between the two peaks of Wyrm's Wings. It's directly North of Old Fidem.

Wyrm's Wings Edit

Two massive mountains visible from Fidem. It's a 5 day trek Northeast from Fidem.

Carrion Woods Edit

Dark foreboding woods where the dead are rumoured to rise from their graves. It's directly Northwest from Old Fidem.

Whiterow Plains Edit

The Plains beyond the Carrion Woods.

Black Hills Edit

A hilly region next to the Western peak of Wyrm's Wings.

Wyrm's Head Edit

Beyond the canyon between Wyrm's Wings lies the forest called Wyrm's Head.

Wym'r Edit

An ancient fallen dwarven civilisation nestled in a hilly region within the Eastern Peak of Wyrm's Wings.